New House Tour (Part 2)

I am excited to say that I have now officially unpacked my last box.  It's amazing, isn't it? Regardless of how careful you are to be organized, you still manage to loose things in a move.  

There isn't much to see on the top floor of the house but our bedrooms and a bathroom so I thought I'd save that part of the tour for when I finish actually getting them together.  The "befores" are simply just white walls and windows and boring. 

Today I am sharing my favorite space in the whole house.  The Capitol Vintage Charm store/studio/creative disco. (I dance while I create, what can I say?)

The finished basement, complete with a mini kitchenette, was what sold me immediately on this house.  Apparently the owners had converted this into an in-law suite for one of their parents to move in.  It has a separate entrance off the driveway which will be perfect for unloading all my vintage treasures. It has a working kitchenette which is PERFECT for cleaning all my vintage treasures.  And it has space galore for storing all my vintage treasures. 

I couldn't be more excited about this.


I can also assure this is the cleanest it will ever be in this picture.  I have SO much stuff to start listing in the store, I have got to get to it!

Right off the driveway is the backyard.  Not a ton to see here but the back porch and deck will be replace at some point.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am ALL about the backyard ideas. I just need to win the lottery. 

Gardening and landscaping suggestions are MORE than welcomed, yall.  If you know someone in the area you would recommend too.  This is, sadly, not going to happen until next Summer but I'd love to start getting a few ideas on it. 


Next week, I'll do a little preview on how some of the unpacking and decorating is coming along!