New House Tour (Part 1)

My feet are tired and my heart is happy!

It took a tremendous amount of take out food and my village of parents and friends but Lord-Help-Me....we are in the new house!

I am not even going to get into it but nothing has made me feel as old as this move has. I am just brain dead and worn out and I can't find my foundation and I am not entirely mad about that. (Ha!)

But I feel incredibly blessed to have this home and be in it with these folks that I love so dearly.  I am just saying, a pedicure and nap are in my future.  Probably incredibly distant future.  You know, Grayson turning 15 kind of future but damn is there.

I promised Bruce that we wouldn't do much more this summer.   And after a friend posted this online, I decided we deserved a break from this break neck speed we are living.  It occurred to me this is the last summer he will be in diapers (I mean, God-Willing) and I want that baby in a diaper running through sprinklers in our backyard as much as humanly possible.  

Today I wanted to take you through part of the house and share with you some of the thoughts I have on things that I want to eventually do. (The pics below are the ones from the realtor - the furniture is staged). 



I am dreaming of black trim on white brick with something fun like this railing in black! I am going to need lots of help from all you green thumbs out there.  Growing things besides Grayson and Hemmy isn't my thing. 

Wishing and wanting and lusting after a big gas lantern at the front door instead of the light we currently have.  


If you have seen my instagram pics, you will see that we already painted the walls and ceilings white in the great room. It looks so good, will post more on that later.

Now, these sconces have created such a stir in my family and circle of friends.  They are just a bit too rustic for my taste.  Don't get me wrong, they are huge and beautiful - just not really going with the look I had envisioned for this room.  I am still trying to make some decisions on this but leaning towards something more like this.  Need to get the new TV (of course, this one isn't big enough) and then will start making decisions on that wall.  I need to see HOW big we go.  Now, I will admit, I think that TV is a bit small.  It is 42 inch and I think Bruce has his eye on a 55 inch.  

That big ole bay window will also get a custom cushion at some point so Hemmy can bark at every damn leaf that falls off trees and all the other weird things that upset him.

We also replaced the light fixture over the island already - another sneak peak is on my instagram

And this will go anywhere and everywhere and I want like 100 of them. 



I am honestly not going to put a ton of energy into this room for several reasons.  Mostly, I want this to be a really big creative space for Grayson and I want it to feel like a comfortable place for him to PLAY.  (His room, now that is another subject).  I can't wait to get those green shelves I have had in my old kitchen in there.  It is going to be look so great!

I also think I am going to eventually add this super stylish wallpaper to that back wall above the wainscoting. 

Lastly, I am trying to come up with a name for the abode.  Our current working title is "Villa Vin-taaaaaage" but I am not committed enough to get things printed with it yet, you know.  What do you think?