Middish-Year Resolutions

(aka: my "It is August and time to act like a grown up" list)

This week I took new head shots for my day job and let's just say.... it wasn't pretty.  To be fair, the previous ones were taken about  13 years ago when I was still very much in my twenties and had one chin.  I was fighting a loosing battle, amiright?  That coupled with starting to feel the last tugs of summer and the rainy weather we keep having in DC has put me in a bit of a melancholy mood. 

When I get in these little funks, I like making little resolutions of things to do to better myself.  It gets me inspired and motivated.  (And makes me feel like I am in control which is like a whole Oprah show in and among itself).  The goal here is to do smaller things and simpler things. 

Without further ado: 

1) I, Tibby Harvie, vow to be all things Auntie Mame. I love her. I adore her. I want to be her.


2) No more eating with the TV on. I am a grown up or, at least, I am pretending to be one.

3) I will only drink Tea and Coffee out of pretty china.  No more logo mugs (besides my Capitol Vintage Charm one).

4) I will plant Camillas in my yard.

5) I will stop buying pants that are too high water (Ann Taylor Loft, I am looking at you).

6) I will spend the rest of the summer in kaftans.  I freaking love them. Love this one, this one and this one

7) I vow to make my bed in the morning.

8) I am going to use all my pretty napkins, even if it is just for pizza night. 

9) I stopped drinking alcohol about a year ago and now I drink Diet Coke like it is from a hose. So, I promise to drink more water out of my insanely fabulous monogrammed tumbler. 

10) I will subscribe to AND READ the Sunday Washington Post. Maybe even outside.  While drinking coffee from a pretty cup. And wearing a kaftan. After I make my bed.



What resloutions have you made lately?