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Most women try to sneak in shoes without their husbands noticing. I sneak in vintage china. (You would be shocked to know how many tea cups the average sized purse can smuggle.)

My name is Stacy Harvie and I am a mom, a wife and a vintage hoarder. I grew up in Louisiana and made my way to Washington, DC years ago. It is in our Nation's Capital that I found my husband (Bruce), my psychotic and adorable dog who takes more prozac than I do (Hemmy) and my son - my little one year old blessing who refuses to nap (Grayson). Together we all occupy a little home filled with vintage flea finds and lots of laughs.

I am not scared of color and mixing my vintage pieces with modern touches...a perfect palate for throwing in some old world charm. 

I live for that rush that you get when you find a really amazing find at a flea market or thrift store so follow along as I scour thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and Craigslist for the latest vintage treasure!